Technical parameters

Test Parameters: WBC three categories, 22 parameters, 23 parameters (including color histograms of WBC, RBC, PLT)
Specimen Amount: Whole blood: 9.6μL; peripheral blood (direct detection): 9.6μL; peripheral blood (pre-dilution mode): 20μL
Test Speed: Single-channel: 30 samples/h, dual-channel: 60 samples/h. May be continuous 24 hours a day, with automatic sleep and wake functions
Results Storage: The device saves 1.2 million copies of the results with all three histograms automatically
Quality Control Methods: L-J graph, X, SD, CV%
Calibration: Manual calibration and automatic calibration
Reference Value Setting: 8 settings groups with adult male, adult female, child, newborn, general all purpose and 3 groups of custom settings
Operation:  Windows color operating system, graphical buttons, supporting mouse operation
Display: True color LCD with 8.4-inch large screen
Interface: A parallel printer interface, a VGA display interface, two RS-232 interfaces, two USB interfaces and two PS / 2 interfaces
Report Printing: Built-in high thermal printing, optional six reporting formats in English, and an optional external printer
Working Environment: Working temperature of 15-35℃, and can be used in high altitude environment

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