Technical  parameters:

• Sample pre-dilution: internal diluter, add 1 ml diluent automatically by the needle, no need to add diluent manually, to avoid error
• Calibration: automated or manual
QC: comprehensive QC program, forming and printing the histogram automatically
Block removal: Real time monitor, high ignition soak, flush and back flush

10.4” large color LCD displays main menu and all parameters & color histograms in one screen
• Brief operation instruction built in software, easy for user to view
• Separate module design, very simple mechanical structure, easy maintenance
• Self check for hardware, alarm for error
• Reagent volume detectors for Lyse, Cleanser and Dilutent, as optional function

ARM intelligent micro-processing technology

• Data analysis: intelligent pulse formulation technology
• Classification: floating landmark technology
• Module design, fast maintenance

• Use the most advanced binuclear embedded digital circuit system, to make the analytical ability great and stable

2 counting channels of WBC and RBC, to make the test results more accurate and less cross- contamination
• Use CPLD technology in data processing, to avoid the interference of electromagnetic signals

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